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Amrood Ke Fayde in Urdu – Fruit Benefits Urdu

Amrood Ke Fayde in Urdu – Fruit Benefits Urdu. A tremendous amount of fruit or power. There are two types of guava: one is white from the inside and the other is red. The color of the raw guava is green and the solid guava is yellowish-white and fragrant.

Amrood Ke Fayde in Urdu

To remove the cough and nausea, a half raw guava, also called Gadra, is added to warm ash after a short time and cleaned and mixed with a little salt. The guava eliminates blood clots. Eliminates inflammation of the bladder. To prevent nausea, the soft whiskers of guava with a flour tasting, combined with flour and drinking some sugar immediately benefit from it.



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