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Anjeer Khane Ke Fayde in Urdu – Dry Fruit Benefits Urdu

Anjeer Khane Ke Fayde in Urdu – Dry Fruit Benefits Urdu The fig is called the fruit of paradise. In the Holy Qur’an, Allaah has said, “I swear by the fig or the olive and the Cassina” (Surah al-Taken). It is a great blessing for the weak and the weak. Najir makes the body fat and symmetrical. It gives a red and white color to the face. Figs are among the common and famous fruits.

Anjeer Khane Ke Fayde in Urdu

Anjeer Khane Ke Fayde in Urdu 
Pagoda is called figs in Bengali, three in Arabic and three in English, Figs in English, Bliss in Yemeni, Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, and figs in Gujarati and hangers in Punjabi. Its plant name is Fake Carica

In addition, it has numerous benefits:

  • * When boiled figs are cooked on the boil, boils quickly.
  • * Soak the fig in water. After flowering a few hours, eat twice a day, chronic constipation goes away.
  • * If the dried figs are kept in water overnight, they will bloom like fresh figs. Eating it does not cause seizures or closure disorders.
  • * It is extremely useful for children to develop dryness during cold days.
  • * FIG is diarrhea and is good for teeth.
  • * FIG is a great gift for those who are underweight and brainstormed.
  • * Eating figs protects the person from the disease.
  • * Eating a few grains after eating helps to eliminate constipation besides nutrition.
  • * Also useful for cough, asthma, and phlegm.
  • * Eating figs eliminate mouth odor.
  • * Regular use of figs helps to tone the hair.
  • * Put the figs in the vinegar. After two or three injections a week, eating relieves spleen edema.
  • * Using figs with milk gives the complexion and body fat.
  • * Breaks of fresh figs by removing two or four drops of the milk that comes out of it.
  • * Fig reduces the intensity of onions.
  • * Use of figs is useful for people who are not sweating.
  • * FIG increases red blood cells and cleanses the blood by eliminating toxic substances.
  • * People who have visually impaired brain (brain weakness) should eat breakfast first, then eat three to four figs, then grind seven grains of almonds, one walnut nut, one small cardamom powder and mix sugar in water. لیں۔
  • * If there is a pain in the waist, eating three grains of fig daily, relieves pain.
  • * Use of figs is very useful if hemorrhoids complain. Its use also eliminates old-fashioned hemorrhoids.
  • * Mixing fenugreek seeds and figs in water and mixing it with honey to reduce the severity of the cough.
  • * The fig should be fresh and soft. Black and dry figs sometimes appear as white worms. Such a fig tree is very harmful.

Health Benefits Of Anjeer in urdu

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