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Chukandar Ke Fayde in Urdu – Beetroot Health Benefits

Chukandar Ke Fayde in Urdu – Beetroot Health Benefits. The cold days, the low days, the air free from the surroundings, the increasing drought in the atmosphere and the chilly nights are testifying. At the same time, fruits and vegetables of this season have also appeared in the markets. Among them are beetroot, then radish, turnips, and carrots. They all do health and energy supplies.

Chukandar Ke Fayde in Urdu

Chukandar Ke Fayde Urdu


Chakandar is a gift from the Mediterranean countries. In the 21st century, its seeds arrived in northern Europe, and according to herbs experts, Chukandar relieved the taste and cooled the eyes. Its green leaves and sparkling reds provide a touch of color as well as savory foods. We also use saucer. Village decoration as a year and mostly in cities.

Chukandar Ke Fayde in Urdu Its leaves is usually thrown with great care, though nutritionally important. They also contain the best of the Hepatin A (C) and Hepatin (C) and steel. While roots contain vitamins A, B and C, calcium and steel. If these ingredients are combined with diet, the body’s immune system is strong and winter can easily and easily pass.


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