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Dota 2 Gamers Risk Health in Bid to Be ESports Millionaires

Dota 2 Gamers Risk Health in Bid to Be ESports Millionaires Dota 2 The international competition will be held in Shanghai this year, and obviously, it is the biggest occasion for the game made by Valve.

A record of $ 33.5 million (usually Rs. 239.89 million rupees) is available to anyone who is still competent in electronic sports, such as those who compete in The International in Shanghai this week and pay a physical cost with disintegrated vision, related problems with the stomach and injuries to the wrists and hands.

Dota 2 Gamers Risk Health in Bid

Dota 2 Gamers Risk Health in Bid


From the beginning, Evgenii “Blizzy” Ri looks perplexed at the idea: “It’s extravagant, how could you get hurt when you’re wrong?”

At that time, the 24-year-old from Kyrgyzstan discovers that a specialist asked him to take a half-year break to give his bombing vision a break.

Ri plays for Natus Vincere or NAVI, and this week he is competing in The International, a big show that is said to have the biggest prize in the entire existence of electronic sports.

NAVI and 17 different groups will play the multiplayer online fighting field game (MOBA) Dota 2 before a large number of fans in a remarkable indoor arena, while several thousand more will see it on the web.

In case NAVI triumphs on Sunday, Ri and his colleagues will end up being tycoons for now, but the achievement could include some important disadvantages.

“I hadn’t been stressed before, but now I feel that my eyes are really … I can’t see so much,” said Ri, who practices up to 12 hours a day.

“I have been playing PC for ten years, so they are a piece … Recently I had a horrible vision.

Ri has been advised to wear glasses, but does not find them pleasant and said that his tearing of visual perception does not obstruct his presentation because the screen is very close.

A specialist suggested that the direct eye works, moving them everywhere, left and right, but recognizes that it does not.

“Actually, he also let me know that I wouldn’t play the PC for half a year to get my vision back, however, I didn’t tune in.”

“I have to play”.

‘My body hurts a lot’

As some players in Shanghai indicate, the best-known welfare protest about expert players is carpal tunnel disorder.

It is not interesting for players, it occurs through monotonous movements of the hand and wrist and is represented by death, copies and trembling of the thumb, list, center and ring fingers.

In severe cases, a medical procedure is required.

Some players discussed wrist injuries so extreme that they needed to stop and lower back problems identified with sitting for a long time, for a long time.

“I used to play and had some problems with my arms and wrists, so now I’m a mentor instead of playing since I can’t stand the tension,” said Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling, from the Newbee group.

Another danger of electronic sports, a sport of rapid development but little known, is the psychological cost, especially with the innovative total cash on the table.

With numerous players so young, most are over 20 years old, but there is a 17-year-old at The International, some battle in a hyper-focused condition.

“Only in some cases I feel that my body is very sore,” said Ryan “Seething Potato” Jay Qui, from the Mineski group, who slowly says that his vision is still “20/20”.

“A large part of the obstacles in this type of condition is the attitude,” said the Filipino, including that Mineski has a “psychological consultant” that helps shore up players.

Changing Propensities

While the cash at the highest point of electronic sports is taking off, in different aspects, the game remains far behind many other professional sports.

The Newbee Ling mentor said that electronic sports are beginning to assess the requirements for physiotherapists and that another staff represents considerable authority in physical and mental prosperity, however, most groups do not have that support. Cost is an important reason.

Roman Dvoryankin, general manager of, said that many players have a low valuation for the fact that it is so important to eat well, practice and sit properly when playing.

“All groups of ace are trying to instruct players to take breaks, perform some activity, extend properly,” he said.

“It is evolving now, however, what we face is that we have a player and we understand that their stomach-related framework simply does not work properly and that they have stomach problems,” Dvoryankin included.

“We do, but it tends to be difficult to change your daily propensities.”

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