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Fish Biryani Cooking Recipe in Urdu

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Fish Biryani Cooking Recipe

Fish Biryani in Recipe


  1. Fish Biryani
  2. Pieces of fish – One kilo
  3. Rice boiled … Half a kilo
  4. Onion finely chopped – 250 grams
  5. Tomatoes (chopped) 375 grams
  6. Roasted garlic ginger… A tablespoon of food
  7. Green world, mint chop … Half, half
  8. Green peppers (finely chopped) – Six numbers
  9. Potatoes 50 grams
  10. Badian flowers, small cardamom numbers four
  11. Big cardamom … Two numbers
  12. Cloves … Four digits
  13. Purple nutmeg just Half teaspoon
  14. Yellow color – 1/4 teaspoon
  15. British Essence A few drops
  16. Crushed coriander, proven black underground – One, one teaspoon
  17. Roasted Pepper – A teaspoon
  18. Ripe red pepper … A tablespoon of food
  19. Salt … A half teaspoon
  20. Oil – A cup


Pieces of fish – One kilo of rice boiled – Half a kilo of onions finely chopped 250g tomatoes (chopped) 375g grated garlic ginger… A tablespoon of green tea, mint chopped. Half, half green chilies (finely chopped) – Eat six numbers of potatoes. 50g Badiyan flowers, small cardamom four numbers large cardamom … Take two numbers … Four-digit trapped nutmeg jute – Half teaspoon yellow color – 1/4 teaspoon of brown essence – Few drops of corrosive coriander, proven black matter. One, one teaspoon of roasted black pepper – One teaspoon of cayenne pepper – A tablespoon of salt – One half teaspoon oil – A cup.

Fish Biryani in Recipe in urdu

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