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Mini-ITX Tower Metallic Gear Neo-G Mini Review

Mini-ITX Tower Metallic Gear Neo-G Mini-Review You may not have heard much about Metallic Gear, as it is a genuinely new brand of brains behind Phanteks. With their ability for the advertising situation, they intend to build Metallic Gear in the largest section of the middle of the window, since Phanteks will generally go to the upper end. The Neo-G Mini that we are auditing here is a Mini-ITX body with the glass side as front panels, but the Neo arrangement also offers great variation if that is a lot for you.

Metallic Gear Neo-G Mini Review


Metallic Gear Neo-G Mini Review

Metallic Gear carries its cases in a darker exemplary cardboard box with an image of the skeleton on one and the logo of its image on the other, while the smaller boards show some promotional content and body determinations.

Two thick polystyrene foam spacers hold the box and secure it during delivery. In addition, a plastic bag has been connected to prevent scratches and fingerprints.

The fundamental site of the Neo-G Mini is made of glass and supported by four huge screws. In addition, this site is where you will locate the two USB 3.0 and a pair of sound connectors that make up the I / O board of the fenced area. On that, it is safe to change the RGB tone of the pre-introduced fan. A piece of ventilation at the edge of the front takes into account the air that will creep past the generally strong board. On the other hand, it will locate a metal extension with an air vent that is hidden from the inside.

There is a waste channel at the base of the undercarriage that can be effectively destroyed without overturning the frame. Above that are the development spaces mentioned above, each with hand screws and reusable spreads. It will be exciting to perceive how everything is associated inside since this Mini-ITX arrangement is truly unique. The top is a full-size ATX sound, so you can use your exemplary power supply with the undercarriage.

Before jumping into the frame, there is the issue of air ventilation on the strong board. It is guaranteed by an attractive waste channel, which recommends that it be a functioning admission region. After looking at it further, you will see that there is a housing in which you can insert fans or even liquid cooling. Therefore, it is secured by a plastic plate outside the container.

Taking a look at the floor at the back, it is decent to see that Metallic Gear Neo-G Mini boats have an excellent PCIe lace link, so you shouldn’t have trouble entering your GPU here. Because of the three openings, you should have the option of using GPUs that are thicker than the large double space plan today. In the best case, the additional space allows fans to access the indoor air that can be expected. The top is just the fundamental but utilitarian PSU entry mentioned above.

The LED fan in the front can be seen clearly radiating through the divisions of the structure, while the back allows perfect and simple access to both the PSU and GPUs mounted vertically. The light tint in the window implies that you can unequivocally observe each of the internal parts, however, Metallic Gear has added an impression on the upper left that covers the PSU cove in a natural and practical design without looking strange. On the contrary, you can see the hard drive through the secured air vent separated by debris.

The Metallic Gear Neo-G Mini is a beautiful walled area ideal for exiting the container. With the glass front and sideboards, there are many things that should be possible as far as planned, and Metallic Gear has included depth when printing a smooth structure on these. As a late occurrence, this even satisfies a need by hiding the power supply nicely.

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