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Tamatar ke Fayde in Urdu – Vegetable Benefits Urdu

Tamatar Ke Fayde in Urdu – Vegetable Benefits Urdu. Tomato – The cheapest way to clean the blood. Is Tomato Vegetable or Fruit? Yes, it is a fruit that we also use as a vegetable. It is used all over the world without it, all food is delicious. Its original homeland is the United States, Peru, and Ecuador. There are usually two types of tomatoes, one on the field and the other on the hill.

Tamatar Ke Fayde in Urdu

Tamatar Ke Fayde URDU

The difference is that the tomatoes of the plains are round and the lobes of the hilly areas. Tomatoes are used in both cases whether cooked skins or raw skins. It is cooked in a vegetable, lentils or meat, and we use it as a salad or we drink its juice. Tomatoes contain vitamin A, C, H, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and carbohydrates. Go It contains about 0.9% of protein and 0.2% of fat.

Tamatar Ke Fayde in Urdu

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