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The Video Game Boy Macro is a Fan-Made Love Letter to The GBA

The Video Game Boy Macro is a Fan-Made Love Letter to The GBA When you enter the universe of comfort modification, it may seem that you have pierced the roof in an imaginary world, managed by distorted plastic manifestations in the shadow of Easter eggs. While a large part of them have a similarity to the preferred computer game frames of yesteryear, they apply a kind of mysterious impact on the valley:

perhaps the capture configuration is marginally unique, or possibly their neon tones lose only a hair. Genuine beginner manifestations review untouchable specialists such as Howard Finster, with their circuit board guts spilling out of their broken shells, or strange controllers who disregard the substances in human life structures.

The Video Game Boy Macro Fan-Made Love

The Video Game Boy Macro Fan-Made Love


On the opposite side of that range, in any case, it has fluid and competent evaluation extensions that seem as if they had simply moved away from a mechanical production system, for example, the “Game Boy Macro,” a surprisingly conventional reassuring change that creates a Game Boy Advance in a completely new structure factor.

In contrast to most mods, however, building a working Game Boy Macro does not require specific specialized magic or exceptionally particular devices; rather, it just evacuates the top screen of a DS Lite, moves a couple of resistors, includes a speaker and is ready to start. In truth, believe it or not: this supposed new Game Boy is, in truth, a large part of a DS, with its tight bowels and is so arranged outside that it is difficult to say that Nintendo is not overlooked.

Building an unlikely trend

The name most connected to Game Boy Macro is Anthony Thomas, a modder who has proved to some extent known on the net for structuring them in his spare time and selling them for $ 160 each. Be that as it may, while Thomas assumes recognition for promoting and refining the mod, he fully acknowledges that he was not the person who previously spearheaded the idea, calling attention to what has existed with different names in the network of mods in recent years.

Although he initially imagined that in any case, he developed the nickname of “full scale”, in recent times he discovered that another person had written it in a modding meeting in Spanish before establishing his activity.

In case you are not personally familiar with the DS and do not know how precisely this works, here is a quick basis: going back to the 2000s, the creators of support really gave more than the administration of lips to the possibility of a Physical exam. in reverse similarity, which implies that the DS sent with full discrete space for GBA games at its base. In this way, by ejecting the upper screen, altering the base plate and sanding the outgoing pivot with a rotating device, you can divert your DS to the era of the tranquility of the past.

In case you wonder why precisely someone would mutilate a valuable fortune of his youth in a unique and elegant way, he is not the only one: I ended up posing a similar question when I read earlier about the Macro. In any case, as Thomas indicated, the explanations behind doing as such are surprisingly powerful. For something, you can use a robbery device like an R4 in the DS space to mimic the games of previous support times in a hurry, and you have four facial captures to work compared to the two in the GBA.

It also notes that the folding GBA SP, which boasts background lighting and is effectively in exchange meetings or in retro stores, has a subtlety in its structure that some easy authorities can ignore. SP models from the beginning in their creation cycle have a front light display (known as AGS-001) that includes a diminished blue light; In any case, the later ones have a fully illuminated screen (the AGS-101) that significantly improves the participation in the game. As a macro depends on a DS Lite, it mimics the last mentioned.

“I am one of those people who imagines that the GBA SP is essentially an ideal hand frame, however, there is one thing about it,” says Thomas. “You may have a decent screen or a horrible screen, and not many people realize how to look for that. The DS is the most amazing portable stand that has been sold, so there are a lot of them in the cabinets. or drawers or whatever. For many people, it is less expensive and simpler to make this mod than trying to locate a decent GBA. Besides, really, I think it looks really cool. ”

“A secondary interest, not a business”

Thomas’s unique enthusiasm for modifying the DS was mixed with fatigue and an inactive need: he ended up without a GBA with which he was happy, and had a shattered DS out there, so he decided to mess with him until he could make it work. his principles. I can relate positively, in light of the fact that, like many people, a bad pivot affirmed my unique “fat DS”, and I could not wish for anything more than to change it into something that is really valuable.

Unfortunately, as Thomas’ obligations in his normal daily employment have expanded as more has been established, he has not had the option of delivering the same amount of Macros he could wish for. “This is carefully a distraction for me, not a business,” he says. “I sell them essentially at cost, and I am continually trying to make the procedure less expensive to save people money. Regardless of whether I sell a couple of this year, however, I really wish I could achieve more.”

While Thomas is quick to mention, he is not the main distributor that deals with this kind of thing. There is “Obirux”, based in the United Kingdom, that really got rid of glass boards adorned with a retro-style logo “Game Boy Macro”. There is also Joe Bleep’s Neon Advance, which adds a cylinder to the highest point of the housing to give it a more synth-wave feel.

Be that as it may, given that these companies take an excessive amount of time and roughness to build any type of normal calendar, in case you really need a Game Boy Macro, Thomas has some expressions of orientation: just try it yourself. Bring out DS, or approach a partner for them, and get to work.

“It’s really not as difficult as you would expect, which is why I incorporate the attendees on my page,” he says. “It’s a fun activity, and in the end, you’ll feel truly paid.”

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