MRTV Live In Myanmar Burma Tv Channel

MRTV Live in Myanmar (Burma) TV Channel Myanma Radio, and Television is an allowed outdoor TV slot that primarily communicates local news. The radio administration in Myanmar initially went on air in 1936 during the British pilgrimage period. The normal programming of Bama Athan began in February 1946 when the British installed the Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS), which broadcast the Burmese language, national and remote news and melodic fun, learned the answer, school exercises and news in English and music programming After freedom it was called Myanma Athan.

MRTV Live TV in Myanmar

MRTV Live TV in Myanmar

MRTV Live in Myanmar TV Channel The administration was renamed Myanmar Radio in 1988. The board also changed the name of the radio administration’s father, BBS as Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) in 1997. Until Yangon City FM’s office in 2001, BBS / Myanmar Radio was the main radio station in the nation for a considerable period of time, its fundamental communication focus is at 426 Pyay Road in Kamayut in Yangon. Since the end of 2007, the main communication station moved to Naypyidaw.

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