Natural Life Of Indian Ringneck Parrot Birds

Natural Life Of Indian Ringneck Parrot Birds thinking about adding an Indian ringneck parrot to your family, you might be wondering how long yours will be around for. How long do Indian ringnecks live?

Let’s go into Indian ringneck lifespan and, more importantly, discuss what you can do to make sure your parakeet lives a long and happy life in your care.

The Indian ring-necked parakeet is not a shy bird, and does best with an owner who appreciates an outgoing companion that is not afraid to demand what it wants! Indian ring-necks can also be quite talkative.

The number you’ll most often see floating around is 34, which is based on the oldest Indian ringneck found in a very extensive 2012 study (Young, Hobson, Lackey & Wright, 2012).

Some sources mention that Indian ringnecks living for up to 50 years have been recorded! Although that’s not the norm (15-25 years is pretty respectable), it’s definitely a great number to aim for.

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