Pakistan Election Results 2024 Updates PDF Free Download

Pakistan Election Results 2024 Updates PDF Free Download Early results show PMLN, PPP and PTI candidates fighting a close battle. Results started to trickle in nearly 12 hours after polling for national and provincial assemblies ended on Thursday. Waseem argued that the establishment’s “repression and wrath” against PTI members and supporters “backfired”.

Pakistan Election Results 2024 Updates

Pakistan Election Results 2024 Updates

“I do not think Sharif or his PMLN expected this and have thus gone quiet for the night. They were too confident about their victory, but it appears that voters were less inclined,” she added. The Election Management System has received results from various constituencies across Pakistan, providing insights into the unfolding electoral landscape.

In total, results from 103 constituencies have been received, shedding light on the composition of both the National and Provincial Assemblies.

Seat No Stations Winner Runner-up
NA-002 341/341 Amjad Ali Khan (IND)
43,240 votes Ameer Muqam (PML-N)
29,140 votes
NA-006 307/307 Bashir Khan (IND)
7,6259 votes Siraj-ul-Haq (JIP)
52,545 votes
NA-010 397/397 Gohar Ali Khan (IND)
110,023 votes Abdul Rauf (ANP)
30,302 votes
NA-013 278/278 Muhammad Nawaz Khan (IND)
24,686 votes Ata Muhamamd (PRP)
18,130 votes
NA-017 324/324 Ali Khan Jadoon (IND)
97,177 votes Muhabbat Khan Awan (PML-N)
44,522 votes
NA-019 385/385 Asad Qaiser (IND)
115,635 votes Fazal Ali (JUIP)
45,567 votes
NA-021 351/351 Mujahid Khan (IND)
116,049 votes Azam Khan (JUI-F)
60,373 votes
NA-023 317/317 Ali Mohammad Khan (IND)
102,175 votes Ahmed Khan (ANP)
33,910 votes
NA-030 267/267 Shandana Gulzar Khan (IND)
71,742 votes Nasir Khan (JUIP)
19,265 votes
NA-055 311/311 Ibrar Ahmed (PML-N)
78,542 votes Muhammad Basharat Raja (IND)
67,101 votes
NA-058 459/459 Major R Tahir Iqbal (PML-N)
115,974 votes Ayaz Amir (IND)
102,537 votes
NA-059 467/467 Sardar Ghulam Abbas (PML-N)
141,680 votes Muhammad Romaan Ahmad (IND)
129,716 votes
NA-064 537/537 Chaudhry Salik Hussain (PML)
105,205 votes Qaisra Elahi (IND)
80,946 votes
NA-111 331/331 Mohammad Arshad Sahi (IND)
113,709 votes Barjees Tahir (PML-N)
93,467 votes
NA-115 354/354 Khurram Shahzad Wirk (IND)
101,610 votes Javed Latif (PML-N)
69,766 votes
NA-121 299/299 Wasim Qadir (IND)
78,703 votes Shaikh Rohale Asghar (PML-N)
70,957 votes
NA-123 222/222 Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif (PML-N)
63,953 votes Afzaal Azeem Pahat (IND)
48,486 votes
NA-130 376/376 Muhammad Mian Nawaz Sharif (PML-N)
171,024 votes Yasmeen Rashid (IND)
115,043 votes
NA-135 370/370 Nadeem Abbas (PML-N)
107,862 votes Malik Muhammad Akram Bhatti (IND)
90,443 votes
NA-149 169/169 Malik Mohammad Amir Dogar (IND)
48,470 votes Jahangir Khan Tareen (IPP)
15,631 votes
NA-167 301/301 Muhammad Usman Awaisi (PML-N)
78,970 votes Amir Yar Malik (IND)
42,500 votes
NA-199 365/365 Ali Gohar Khan Mahar (PPPP)
154,832 votes Abdul Qayum (JUIP)
40,204 votes
NA-202 305/305 Nafisa Shah (PPPP)
80,000 votes Syed Ghous Ali Shah (GDA)
12,300 votes
NA-211 326/326 Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jelani (PPPP)
36,756 votes Ali Nawaz Shah (IND)
18,092 votes
NA-216 378/378 Makhdoom Jamil uz Zaman (PPPP)
124,536 votes Bashir Ahmed (PML-N)
80,439 votes
NA-217 331/331 Zulfiqar Bachani (PPPP)
115,000 votes Rahila Magsi (GDA)
69,900 votes
NA-222 338/338 Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur (PPPP)
113,916 votes Mir Hussain Bux Talpur (GDA)
67,010 votes
NA-227 333/333 Liaquat Ali Jatoi (GDA)
17,422 votes Irfan Ali Leghari (PPP)
13,010 votes
NA-229 184/184 Jam Abdul Karim Bijar (PPPP)
55,821 votes Qadir Bux (PML-N)
21,665 votes
NA-230 160/160 Syed Rafiullah (PPPP)
32,072 votes Masroor Ali (IND)
24,200 votes

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